After the abolition of adultery, the detective agency “rose” to track about 5,000 yuan a time

比特幣閃崩It was reported on July 7 that the constitutional court of the republic of Korea abolished the crime of adultery in May 2015. Acco比特幣現狀rding to the civil research institute of the republic of Korea, there are currently about 3,000 private detective offices in the r比特幣礦難的根源epublic of Korea, with 5,000 private detectives, and it is estimated that the average monthly income is 5 million to 10 million wo如何獲得比特幣n (about 28,000 to 57,000 yuan). According to the report, private detective agencies have recently expanded their business scope t比特幣的特點o the Internet and made it easier to contact their clients. The price is divided into location tracking price of RMB 800,000 yuan,五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用 address information of RMB 700,000 yuan, entry and exit record of RMB 400,000 yuan and hospital record of RMB 300,000 yuan. More 什麼是比特幣than 80 percent of people who entrust private detective agencies do so out of distrust of their spouses, according to a police pro盈幣寶介紹fessor at Korea’s kyoko university. When divorce action, can judge mental damage cost with this. A source at a private detective a區塊鏈相關問答gency said that a good business agency receives 20 deals a day related to infidelity. The detective business has grown since adult區塊鏈的應用領域ery was abolished.


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