After the private detective investigated the boyfriend

外遇蒐證At the end of 16 last year, I got to know a male net friend on a website called friends, which was also widowed on the materials. After meeting him, he also said so. Because I was divorced, I thought it w抓姦捉猴as fair to find someone who had been married. In the communication process of more than two months, he seems to be good, very considerate to me, what all depend on me, also say sweet words, feels, as it i大陸包二奶s like to fall in love, but the person on their own specific circumstances, hidden deep, in front of me, haven’t received a phone call, never send a message, not to mention his colleagues, and rarely talk印尼.香港.越南,抓姦ed about his family, more than two months, which is seen 10 times, I’m not in Shanghai is one of the month, but the information hasn’t been broken. I want to find a man who has a stable job and a sense of離婚求償 responsibility to be my lifelong partner. He seems to have no bad hobbies, a stable job and no other interests. Life is relatively simple. I don’t know how much I like him, but I think I can live. But I 感情破壞have doubts to him all the time, ask him what, it is prevaricate me, I once said several times, you put id record of formal schooling certificate household register this shows me look, he ignores. But rep感情挽回eatedly said how how to like me, how to be with me. I was at the end of my teeth. I called a private investigator. I looked him up. Did not think, do not check do not know, a check startled, he had a marr設計離婚iage, have children, children now just a few months, the wife live well, he said dead…… Network cheater is much, hear a person to say so all the time, I did not expect to be met by me. Fortunately, th第三者排除e relationship is not long, did not cause any damage. To him originally also is not so like, just feel appropriate marry, did not put too much affection, so psychology return true no pain, just feel laugh感情諮商able sad, farce!!!


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